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Engine Load



6150 rpm


26 km/h


Fuel Level

Fuel Consumption

Coolant Temperature

Board Voltage


12.5 l/100km


12 v

Real Time Graphical

Trends & Features

Acc - 3820 mV 
Power - 128944 mV 
IN21- 4.00
Speed - 20 km/h

Live GPS Tracking

Get live vehicle tracking data consisting of latitude and longitude along with other sensor related data to pin point the location of vehicles on the GPS map.

Trip Report

Learn more about the different statistics of a particular trip based in time and asset. Get details on stoppage duration, distance traveled and location.

Route Replay

Get detailed report of tracking historical events undergone by a vehicle right from speed, location, harsh breaking, harsh acceleration, & GPS tracker detach.

Driver ID

Get real time information of the driver's identity based on RFID key tapped before starting the vehicle, get driver centric reports, working hours and shifts.

Crash Alert

With the assistance of crash sensors in the device detect high levels of G force to send a crash alert with time, location and X,Y,Z coordinate's G force. 

Engine Immobilizer

Prevent the engine from running using the GPS tracking device by setting it on remotely through commands from Traxroot vehicle tracking software.

Fuel Monitoring

Get alerts on any unusual fuel refill or pilferage, see graphical statistics of fuel usage with respect to distance covered & remaining fuel quantity.

Geo Fencing

Set virtual fencing on the map and set rules of entry and exit and receive alerts by email, SMS or push notification. Assign groups and also speed limit .

Device-Agnostic Software

Traxroot Vehicle Tracking Software connects with more than 750+ different GPS tracking devices and we are open to integrate other new devices as well.

(Your GPS Vehicle Tracking Device)

(Our Software)

(Your rules engine and custom alerts)

Fleet Management Software


Get Access to Device's
Raw Data  
Manage Device Information & Set Rules
Send Commands from the Platform
Calibrate &
Fine Tune Sensors

On-Premise Server

Deploy quickly Traxroot's stand-alone software instance on your company’s server or on your cloud. 

Cloud Based

We set up, host and maintain the server giving you complete access on the cloud with a secure login id and password.

Your business can resell in your own brand name, right from logo, reports, domain without any trace of Traxroot.

White Label

Driver Behavior

& Score Card

Harsh Braking
Harsh Acceleration
Harsh Cornering
Set Violation
Get Detailed
Driver Scoring
Improve Driver Behavior

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