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Real Time School Bus Tracking With In Bus Attendance

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Ospox Web

Works on

GPS Tracking Device & RFID Reader

  • Web Based
  • Live Bus Tracking
  • Driver Behavior
  • Bus Arriving | Speed -Alerts
  • RFID Attendance & Alerts
  • Stoppage & Distance
  • School Bus Tracker

school bus app android based

Ospox App

Works on

Combination of 3 Android Apps 

  • Android App Based
  • Live Bus Tracking
  • Parent | Driver | Admin App
  • NFC Attendance & Alerts
  • Manual | QR Code Attendance
  • Basic Time & Location Reports
  • School Bus App


More School Bus GPS Features for Better Insight

live track school buses using GPS

Live GPS Tracking

Keep track of your school buses in real time visually on the map with an update frequency of 10 seconds on the Ospox school bus GPS tracker Dashboard. 

take attendance of children in school bus using school bus tracker

In Bus Attendance

Attendance of the student is updated on the Ospox school bus GPS using the events created by the RFID reader by either active or passive methods.

Monitor and view route history of school bus

Route History

Get insight on the exact route taken by the school bus visually on a map along with speed and location details on the Ospox school bus tracking application.

capture RFID attendance of students from school bus tracker

RFID Integration

The student details are integrated with their respective RFID tag's UID based on which attendance can be marked with a gentle tap on the RFID reader. 

Make virtual geofences to monitor school bus and students safety

Geo Fence Alerts

Now make virtual fences on your map and get SMS and email alerts if the School Bus leaves any designated Geo fenced area. Get email or SMS based alerts.

monitor and get speed alerts from school bus tracker

Speed Alerts

Worry no more about keeping a tab on errant drivers, get instant email, SMS alerts when the School Bus over speeds with location and speed details.

school bus app alerts

Pick/Drop Alerts

Automated Pick/ Drop and arrival alerts are sent to parents school bus app. There are a total of 6 alerts which can be selected as per your requirement. 

live dashboard of school bus app

Live Dashboard

With the Ospox School Bus GPS live dashboard, know the number of students currently travelling, bus speed, status and location all in a single page.

transfer school bus gps data

Mass Transfer

With the Ospox school bus GPS app, the admin can make mass changes with respect to change in bus, timings or alerts with just a few clicks. 

emergency school bus data

Emergency Data

In case of any emergency, just select the Bus route and get the details of students like blood group and contacts been mailed to the nearest hospital in minutes.

download school bus gps reports

Download Reports

All reports with respect to attendance, bus location, speed, stoppage, history can be downloaded or printed through the school bus tracker.

monitor distnce and speed of school bus

Distance & Stoppage 

Keep track of the distance traveled and stoppage along with location and duration details of your school buses with the Ospox school bus tracking app.

Ospox Video

Watch Our Solution Video

Built Just For Schools

school bus app video

---How School Bus Tracker Helps?---

how school bus tracker helps
  • Safety : Track all School buses in real-time so parents can be notified of the actual arrival time, minimizing the time children have to wait, exposed to bad weather or other dangers. Alerts can also be set up so that fleet managers receive a message the instant buses enter a no-go zone or drivers engage in unsafe driving.


  • Cost-savings : Monitor the driving patterns to make sure school bus drivers operate their vehicles efficiently, eliminating unnecessary idling, observing speed limits and not taking detours. And because GPS school bus tracker is considered as an anti-theft device by most insurance companies, you can save on insurance premiums, too.


  • Time : Avoid time-consuming manual collection of fleet activity needed for state reports and compliance. With GPS tracking, this information is automatically collected and reported, which saves time and minimizes errors for both drivers and fleet managers.


  • Better Maintenance : Improve the regularity and timeliness of preventative maintenance with automatic GPS tracking on school buses. Know in advance when the servicing is due, to minimize downtime and unwanted breakdowns as well as to allow sufficient time to schedule substitute buses. Accurate mileage tracking also means better warranty recovery another cost saving.


  • Environmental accountability : Optimize routing and track engine idling to minimize the impact on the environment, trim pollutant emissions, and reduce your fleet's carbon footprint. Proudly report your 'green fleet' metrics to shareholders, parents, the DOE or OPT (Office of Pupil Transportation), making your fleet more likely to be the vendor of choice.


  • Tender successfully : GPS tracking not only makes a fleet more profitable, it also benefits the students, parents and government agencies. By highlighting the benefits of real-time GPS tracking, school bus companies ensure a greater chance of winning the tender.


Life Time License

Ospox On-Premise

school bus GPS license model

Tired of paying huge monthly subscription charges, go for the Ospox Life time license and say good bye to your monthly subscription payouts. Ideal for companies/ schools with  strict in-house policies and a huge number of students, your data is safe with you now.

white labeled school bus app

Customization & White Labelled

school bus app

New App Development

school bus tracking device which is hardwae agnostic

Hardware Agnostic

Any custom made mobile app that is exclusively built for you comes at an additional cost based on the scope of work, and you will get complete ownership of the same with the source code.

Partner with Us

Start Your Own School Bus Tracking Business

Ospox Web
  • Multi- Tenant Architecture
  • White Labelled
  • Super Admin | Admin | User
  • Deactivate & Activate User
  • Set Student Limit
  • Access Rights
  • User Logo Change
  • Multi Language/ Time Zone
  • Cloud / On -Premise
  • Custom Email/ SMS Gateway
Ospox App
  • Tri -App Solution
  • White Labelled
  • Admin | User
  • One Installation per School
  • User Logo Change
  • Cloud / On -Premise
  • SMS Alerts from SIM Card
  • No external hardware 
  • Own Server Space
  • Google Cloud Integration
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