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What is the Role of Technology in the Safety of Children travelling in School Buses?

Technology has always made life easy for us human beings. Today technology is involved in almost everything we consume, use and experience.

role of technology in school buses

When it comes to the safety of the students and managing your school buses, technology can help you provide assistance in a big way. Because of the advancements of technology, 4 things have improved :

1)Ability to get faulty codes from the bus using OBD 2 port and device which can transmit fault codes and data using 3G and 4G thereby helping in preventive maintenance and down time on the road leaving students stranded.

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2) With the advancements in GPS technology, location identification and Geo- fencing alerts are possible which helps in tracking the school bus using a school bus tracker.

Find out how GPS tracking helps school buses manage their fleet.

3) Real time connected software helps in mining into the data base of the students and their details for emergency retrieval of data, sending mass announcements and also marking attendance by going paper less using technologies such as RFID and Near Field Communication.

Learn more about how drivers benefit from using a school bus app.

4) With the wide acceptance of using smart phones, socket connected android based school bus app are been useful not only to the parents to receive alerts & live track but also by the driver to get navigated to the child's pick up location

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To know more about how Ospox school bus app can help provide safety for school children, contact us for a quick demo.

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