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What are Top 3 Basic Features Every School Bus App Must Have?

Updated: Nov 5, 2018

In order to understand better first we know to how a GPS based School Bus tracking solution works. Once we have watched the video below we get a good understanding of the same :

Next step is to know which are the apps which we are going to use for all the stakeholders to be satisfied and for the entire system to work :

1)School bus app for parents

2) School bus app for drivers

3) School bus app for admin

So know we can discuss the top 5 features a school bus app must have as a whole solution :

1) Live GPS Tracking

Knowing the location of the school bus or able to view all the school buses on a single dashboard is useful for the school and parents.

2) Speed Alerts & Monitoring

The app must be able to send school bus speed details with a delay time of under 10 - 15 secs along with duration and location stamps using a school bus tracker.

3) Bus Arriving Alerts

The school bus app which has a built in tracker must be able to send bus arriving alerts to the parents so that the students don't have to wait in the cold our rain outside for the bus or avoid any assault or kidnapping incidents when waiting for the school bus.

Here are some more advantages of using a GPS based school bus tracking solution.

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