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Top 5 School Bus Maintenance Tips for Safety

  1. Check for the quality of metal on the school bus floor if it needs painting or rust treatment.

  2. Check the tire pressure and bolts before departure

  3. Check if the school bus doors are intact and close properly

  4. Check for any movable sharp objects in the school bus

  5. Check if there is any check engine light or malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) switch on.

school bus safety and maintenance

The most important point when buying a school bus is the propulsion system. I am sure this section can be very restless for most of us because most people are not diesel mechanics and have little experience in this field. All you have to do is learn the difference between what I call a fast mountain bus and a slow moving highway, and not all buses are the same.

The last thing you want to do is sit on the first bus you see. Take the time to find and run the right bus. You have to go and look, be ready to get on the bus and search for rust, ask the seller questions and get as much information as possible. If you buy it directly in a school district or bus company, ask for fleet maintenance documentation.

Every day, millions of students use school buses to take them to classes and field trips. By using technology, school transport companies avoid common problems and increase overall efficiency. Here are some tips for using technologies that make it easier to manage your school bus fleet.

School bus cameras are one of the most effective tools for increasing accountability, checking safety issues and responding to traffic accidents on and around the school bus. One of the biggest safety problems for students are vehicles illegally passing school buses. A national survey from last year showed that nearly 84,000 vehicles illegally traveled on school buses in 38 states and Washington in one day. School districts consider these cameras as one of the best ways to prevent drivers from illegally passing school buses.

Top 10 winter tips for school buses and vehicles.

GPS tracking technology to manage school bus routes and important safety measures. Every year, approximately 17,000 children with injuries on or near the school bus go to the emergency room. With new vehicle tracking software and hardware options, schools can improve security and accountability while improving district tasks and reducing overheads. The school bus offers a high level of crushing protection and tipping protection in the event of a major collision. In addition to these safeguards, school buses are protected by law. There are rules to protect children getting on and off the bus from being hit by other vehicles. As long as everyone abides by the basic safety rules, the chance of being involved in a school bus accident is small.

How To Look Out For Sex Offenders In School Buses?

During National Safety Week, Penndot works with the Pennsylvania State Department of Police and the city government each year to ensure safe stopping of operations. Safe Stop operation is a proactive approach to educating the public that overtaking a stopped school bus while loading or unloading children is dangerous and illegal. We hope that all school districts will attend this day because their drivers document all illegal passports that appear on their routes during the day.

What is the Role of Technology in the Safety of Children travelling in School Buses?

School districts usually use propane school buses to replace older diesel buses. Your district probably plans to phase out older diesel buses in a few years. You can play an important role in making this decision by hearing your voice. Talking to the school district can be as easy as sending an email or writing a letter to your local transport office. A friend of mine who works at an auction farm in Indiana said he was looking for school buses that pass through his yard. About a month later he contacted me to inform that there are 5 Thomas buses with a diesel engine on the market. One of these gems was the 75,000 mile activity bus. If the technician did not use the proper coolant, the seals would deteriorate and water would get into the engine. Water in a diesel engine can also be a pound of sand because the engine would have to be completely replaced. I called the school district administration and asked to be transferred to the bus maintenance department.

Top 3 Reasons For School Bus Accidents in The US

Fleet managers also have difficulty monitoring and tracking drivers to ensure safety.Many school bus fleets become without electronic documents and use maintenance, inspection and expense management software.Here are some of the best practices for school bus fleets to track maintenance, cost management and safety monitoring. The level of trust, as in any relationship, ensures effective communication and exchange of knowledge. Bob Pudlewski has over forty years of experience in school bus maintenance. He retired as Vice President of Fleet Operations, Supply and Maintenance at Laidlaw Educational Services and is a member of the Hall of Fame National School Transport Association.

Learn more about how school bus GPS software helps when a bus breaks down.

Contact us today to track and manage your school buses effectively.

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