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Top 5 Advantages of Using GPS Tracking System in School Buses.

School buses carry a very huge responsibility; they are not only responsible for transporting the children but they have to do so with utmost safety. Children as young as 4 years old use the school buses, so making sure they reach home safely is important.

children waiting for school bus which is GPS enabled

Usually the school bus has a driver and a helper but apart from this having a GPS tracking device in the bus helps in many ways, here are 5 advantages :

1) Bus arriving alerts

: Waiting for the school bus out-side in the sun, rain or snow is very difficult apart from the dangers of standing alone in non friendly neighborhoods, so having the facility of getting an alert when the school bus coming close helps the students to reach time on time and not wait at the stop.

2) Live Tracking

: Once the students are in the bus, parents are always worried about whether the school bus reached the school safely taking the right route and having the ability to track the school buses in real time is not only advantageous to the parents but also for the schools.

3) Speed alerts

: Just having the ability to track the school bus is one thing but having speed alerts in real time when the school bus exceeds the set speed and duration of speed makes a lot of difference. Alerts can be sent as push notifications to the platform or school bus app and also in the form of SMS and emails to avoid any accidents caused by speeding school buses.

4) Driver behavior

: Having the ability to monitor Driver behavior is very useful in knowing your good drivers and bad drivers because the children’s safety is in the hands of the driver. Driver behavior score is calculated taking parameters such as harsh braking, harsh acceleration, harsh acceleration during turn and harsh breaking during turn.

5) Fuel Monitoring

: All the above points are all focused towards the safety and welfare of the children but making sure that there is no fuel theft or fuel pilferage is also crucial for companies running a school bus business. The software is able to represent the fuel usage and refilling graphically and alert you in real time with location details when any unusual usage of fuel takes place using the school bus tracker.

Learn more about how GPS tracking and school bus tracker helps schools or transport service companies manage their fleet of school buses.

Contact us to enjoy the above mentioned advantages for your school buses.

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