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Top 3 Myths of School Bus GPS Tracking - Busted!

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

There are a lot of myths doing the rounds for using GPS in school bus tracking which in a way effects the implementation rate in many states.

Top 3 Myths of using school bus tracking

Myth #1 : School bus drivers hate GPS tracking system integrated to their school buses

Truth :

School bus tracker solutions helps the monotonous work of the driver for example calling up parents after reaching the pick point, helps school authorities locate the bus in case of break down to reduce wait time for drivers. Also a safety measure of not answering calls while driving a school bus.

Myth #2:

Integrating a GPS tracking in school buses is complicated and continuously needs tech assistance or on ground fleet maintenance.

Truth :

School bus tracking can be done is many ways either by using a hardwired school bus tracker or by using a mobile app which will be handled by the driver or the bus attendant. And setting up an active solution for a bus in case of an app is less than 3 minutes flat , and for a school bus tracking device to be installed and connected would be less than 5 minutes if it is an OBD based tracker. All maintenance of the hardware or school bus app can be done remotely.

Myth #3:

School bus tracking solutions of apps are very expensive.


First of, nothing is expensive than the safety of children, however it is good to discuss about the expenses involved. School bus tracking using GPS can cost you less than $5 USD and get a whole list of advantages of using GPS trackers in school buses. Not only is GPS advantageous for schools but is also advantageous for parents.

Contact us to know more about our school bus tracking solutions.

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