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How Does GPS Tracking Help School Buses Manage Their Fleet?

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

Safety: Whether it is bad weather or bad driving, when it comes to the safety of children it is important for the school and parents to know the whereabouts of their children. Live GPS location provided by school GPS tracking companies not only helps in tracking the location of the bus but also helps in monitoring the driver's behavior.

School Bus Tracker in school buses

Cost-savings: Running a huge fleet of school buses require a lot of other expenses for providing the service other than purchasing the bus. To name a few , salary of driver, maintenance of bus, spare part change and fuel. By having a robust school bus GPS system the school can keep a check on all the above elements.

Learn more about the 3 myths of using GPS tracking in school buses.

Time: Time is very crucial in the school bus industry, the bus has to be in operating condition when the school is operational other wise will end up affecting the school transportation system. Making the entire record keeping of the school bus automated and digital helps in easy access of data on the internet at any time also gives drivers the extra care and vigilance needed on the safety of the bus and students.

Better Maintenance: Having a manual record of when the school bus has to be serviced or a scheduled part replacement is chaos. The school bus tracker connected to the software helps in sending automated alerts based on mileage or time which helps in streamlining the process along with timely alerts and condition of the vehicle.

Environmental accountability: Preventing Excessive idling and optimizing routes helps in reduced consumption of fuel. The tracking device send alerts when the vehicle is idling for a long time and also helps in guiding the driver the best route and sequence for dropping the students.

Learn more about our school bus tracker app solution which only works on smart phones without any GPS tracking device.

Contact us to implement a flexible GPS tracking solution for your school buses.

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