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How Does a School Bus GPS Software or App Help When a Bus Breaks Down?

We all know the value a school bus tracking software can bring, from monitoring speed, distance, stoppage and alerting parents on all the activities of the children like boarding and deboarding the school bus.

school bus repair  and how GPS helps

When a bus breaks down usually the driver checks for any minor issues that can be fixed, if it is a minor issue without considerable delay then the driver can simply alert the school authorities about the delay and carry on with the trip. But when the break down is caused due to an issue which the driver or any other road assistance team might take considerable time to fix, here some ways software can help stream line the situation.

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Stoppage Alert:

When the school bus stops at a particular place for more than a stipulated time fixed by the school on the software, the transportation manager gets emails, SMS or push notifications on the platform.

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Locate the Bus:

Whether you need to send an alternate bus to the rescue or towing vehicle, it is important to know the exact location of the school bus, the school bus tracker helps in broadcasting the exact lat long of the school bus for the school to take control of the situation or in a situation where the parents might have to pick up their respective children.

Change of School Bus:

Whether the school bus has left the premises or is still in the school premises, when the bus breaks down and we need to shift all the students to a different bus, there is a lot of back end work like changing the route of the school bus on the software and providing navigation details to the driver on the school bus app for driver, shift the Geo fencing of all the students to the new school bus.

Alerting Parents :

In-case the school does not have an alternate mode of transportation for the effected school children, the software helps in alerting the parents which just a click of a button based on class or bus in-case the school wants the parents to come and pick up their children, or to inform for any delays.

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