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How Do Drivers Benefit from Using a School Bus GPS Tracking Device or app?

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

School bus Driver's most important responsibility is making sure making sure the children are transported safely both in transit and while boarding and getting off a bus.

school bus driver benefits from GPS Tracker

One of the frequent distractions that the driver faces is answering phone calls from either the school or from the parents, and the call is usually inquiring about the location of the bus or whether a particular student has reached the school or the drop off point. These calls not only distracts the driver but also stresses him out by answering to many phone calls from parents. Recently A Brampton school bus driver was handed a $490 ticket for using a cellphone while sitting at a red light Wednesday afternoon, Peel Regional Police report.

Here are some statistics about distracted drivers.

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In some cases the driver will have to reach the pick up point and call the parent and inform that the bus has reached and is ready to pick up the child. By installing a school bus tracker in the bus, the drivers can enjoy many benefits.

Learn more about 6 reasons why GPS tracking of school buses is a big deal for schools.

The driver need not have to call and alert the parents on reaching the pick up point, with the school bus app for parents, the parents or students get an alert 10 minutes before the school bus arrives and also allows the parents to live track the school bus as it is dangerous for the students to wait in neighborhoods which aren't friendly. Also the schools can track the buses and know the status of the students whether or not if they are inside the bus or have already gotten out of the school bus using auto attendance by RFID attendance.

In case the bus breaks down they can easily locate the bus and send assistance or a bus replacement to the exact location. With OBD tracker we can also get faulty codes from the bus and be prepared for the appropriate repair.

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