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Benefits of Vehicle Tracking System with Regards to Compliance

Maintaining compliance with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) rules is an important aspect of fleet management. Compliance can quickly become an expensive process and every vehicle licensed by the Department of Transportation (DOT) is required to be in good standing with the department’s regulations.

vehicle tracking system benefits and compliance

Fleet managers are able to better monitor drivers on the road. Extending beyond simple and reliable compliance, ELDs and fleet management services can provide companies with real-time data for efficient and productive daily operations. With real time control and monitoring of your fleet can help decrease hours-of-service violations and avoid point reductions from your CSA (Compliance, Safety, Accountability) score. This system is a safer, more reliable option for fleet managers.

Let’s take a look at the list of benefits from fleet management software in compliance.

1. Simplifies compliance inspection: Many companies still struggle with paper systems for vehicle inspection, HOS, maintenance reports, personnel records, procedure manuals etc. But with new regulations creating ever more paper work, these systems are often overloaded and unreliable. You can simplify vehicle tracking and management with an effective vehicle tracking system to maintain these documentation digitally that enable them to rapidly react to vehicle inspection, so their fleet can be kept on the road, also these information can easily be exported as an excel file, to store as a paper record or in the case of an audit.

2. Less Paperwork and more productivity: Fleet managers face an increasing burden of paper work from the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency. Staying on top of it, being compliant, and keeping your vehicles on the road, requires effective document management. It's cumbersome for drivers to carry paper forms for compliance. Plus, drivers have to keep track of those forms to ensure they aren't lost. By automating the operations and going paperless, your business will eliminate human errors and quicken decision-making process. Starting right from recording driver HOS, to daily activity log, a fleet management software makes it relatively simple to operate an enterprise business.

3. Easier & Quicker to Use: Not everyone is computer or technologically savvy, so having fleet management software that’s user friendly is important. From technicians to operations, all should be able to navigate the system easily. Having fleet management software that isn’t intimidating to the user will be easier & quicker to understand, also gains more productivity because it encourages them to use it and in the end, delivers better data for reporting.

4. Improved Reporting & More Accurate Data: With the latest developments in reporting, you can choose exactly what information you wish to see so reports are customized to your business needs. You may choose to use real-time work hours and operator information to monitor working patterns, manage overtime, control costs, and integrate with payroll and billing systems. Or get instant access to automated records of each driver’s productivity. No more wasted time.

5. Act as Solid Proof: Drivers can access vehicle tracking system application in remote sites with web access. Local fleet managers can capture, view and manage documents over the web. Documents saved locally instantly become part of the central data set which will act as solid proof in case of any mishap or compliance violation. ELDs and Fleet management software helps handles all major documentation like HOS, DVIR, IFTA, crash reports, taxation documents, and service records. All information relating to each vehicle is stored in a logical structure with indexing that makes retrieval simple and quick.

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