6 Reasons Why GPS Monitoring of School Buses is a Big Deal For Schools

Child safety assurance is number one priority for schools, in view of this, school transport companies and schools who use their own fleet of buses give a safe, reliable service with the help of technology.

school buses using school bus app parked out side the school

Attendance Management

Some school bus trackers incorporates RFID tracking which tracks student inside the school bus and furthermore deal with the school bus attendance system consequently. The RFID tracking gives exact attendance report. With this, parents/ guardians get alerts when the child boards or deboard the bus, know more about how school bus attendance is taken using RFID reader.

School Bus MonitoringEfficiently track the school bus course, speed, distance traveled, late entries or early takeoffs using Geo fencing, Start and stop time of the bus and different other data like school bus vehicle number, driver name, and driver permit data to screen school bus driver and identify him.

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Children's SafetyGPS tracker gives child location every 10 seconds in Real-time, informing ETA of school bus to parents/ guardians. This definitely reduces the waiting of time children need to sit tight for and limits their exposure to harsh climate, and different threats they can be present while waiting for a school bus to arrive. Once a regular route taken by the school bus is Geo fenced, the moment a driver goes off route, the school authorities get real time alerts to avoid or get the police into action quicker in order to avoid any more similar incidents that happened in the unfortunate Arkansas school bus hijacking incident.

Instant AlertsA setup SMS alerts will be sent to parents/ guardians and school management on occasions like bus arrival, boarding and deboarding the bus, reaching & leaving school premises, and while reaching home Geofence. This way the school can save a lot of time on the phone and resources answering the parents.

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Cost EfficiencyThe operation and support of a school bus vehicle can put a monetary burden for schools. The normal school bus costs expensive to oversee and maintain, School bus tracking innovation enables school management to improve routes and diminish "idle" time, along with fuel tracking and maintenance alerts. Learn more about how school bus tracking helps schools or transport companies manage their fleet.

Data Consolidation

School bus tracking systems keeps up the information in a sorted out way like full information about children emergency contact number, parent's/ gatekeeper number, Blood group, transport routes, students attendances, and the list of students who are currently travelling using RFID OR manual attendance using a school bus app.

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